I somehow found the strength to work two flights.

A Band Plays in Market Square, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Last night, I only got about two hours of sleep last (thanks to a loud housemate). Tonight I’m in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When I first checked into the hotel, I wanted nothing more than to take a nap. I tried for about an hour, and then I gave up. Have you ever been so tired that you couldn’t sleep? I think that’s what’s happening. Since I hadn’t had any solid food yet today, I was getting quite hungry. I got myself together and walked into the city.

I ended up getting a sandwich from Primanti Brothers. I’ve been here a few times, and am surprised that I haven’t talked about this place. The first Primanti Brothers restaurant opened up during the great depression. Joe Primanti would later be joined by his brothers in this venture- thus the name.

This restaurant started up during the great depression. It is known, far and wide, for huge sandwiches which all come with fries and slaw (both come ON your sandwich). Hey- don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! It is simply outstanding! My only criticism is that I wish they had wheat or whole-grain bread option. They don’t, but the sandwiches are still amazing! I usually get the corned beef, but I decided to try the ‘Rajin’ Cajun Chicken.’


Once, when I was still based in Baltimore, my crew and I arrived at PIT after our workday. The hotel shuttle was broke down, so they sent a stretch limo instead. One of my crew members happened to be from the Pittsburgh area. She asked our limo driver how much time he had until he had to pick up the next group from the airport. When we found out he had some free time, she asked if he would take us by Sarris Candies. He told us he’d be happy to take us!

We pull up in front of Sarris in our stretch limo, and everyone around was looking to see what celebrity had arrived. Sadly, it was just us- nobody that exciting. It was funny to see the heads turn, however. Just a bunch of flight attendants and pilots who had a chocolate craving!

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