Life has been going quite well. Yes, I dropped off the face of the earth, but here I go, posting again. I’ve spent so many layovers in June in Washington. This meant so fun visits into Seattle, but also an amazing hike with my friend and fellow flyer, Jordan. You’ll have to wait on those pictures- they’re at home on my other machine. Tonight I’m in Brighton. I just finished a three-day work assignment today, and I start another one tomorrow.

I have some fun plans in the works- and I can’t wait to tell you more about them as they happen. Two non-work trips are in the making. I’m talking about bucket list item number 72 (Stay for 7 days in New York City) and working toward number 84 (Go to Scotland 25 times) as I have begun to make plans for Scotland 6. I can hardly wait for these two trips! The first, coming up this September.

Even though Scotland 6 won’t happen until next year, I’m going to be able to visit some more places where my ancestors came from. Also, I may have some crashpad roommates joining me for the adventure. I’ve had people tell me before that they’d love to go with me, but nobody has ever followed through. It would be fun to share the journey, but at the same time, I find great value in traveling alone. So no matter what ends up happening, I’m looking forward to another great adventure.

Ok the real reason for this post:

I had an amazing experience at work yesterday, the Fourth of July. I was working a flight from Denver to San Francisco and as I greeted the passengers. Two of the passengers boarded the plane with musical instruments. One carried a guitar, and the other a fiddle. My coworker, Melody, asked them if they’d be willing to play a song on our flight. Much to our excitement, they agreed.

After our completing our service, I got on the P.A. and told the passengers that we had a special surprise. I then called Adam and Jon to the front and asked them to bring their instruments. The played a couple musical numbers- they are amazing! Such beautiful music and both highly talented- they make the perfect duet! Jon asked me to record it on his phone. During the second song, they decided to walk through the cabin. It was brilliant! The passengers ate it up!

I sent them a message later that evening, asking for a copy of the video. Here it is:
For more about Adam and Jon (or to get their CD), check out These guys are great! I plan on stalking them.

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