I’m in St Louis, Missouri at the moment. After two easy legs with two different crews (both of them great), I’m a few hours into my 11-hour layover. I just had to look up the definitions of Justification and Rationalization. I fear I have used these interchangeably for far too long. The reason this is necessary? I had to see which one I’m guilty of at the moment. Here’s the deal: I have to be up so incredibly early tomorrow morning, but I’m worried that I won’t be able to fall asleep anytime soon. I figure one thing that would help (other than a good workout or a drug like Ambien, which I have never and will never take) is to make sure I fill my tummy with a lot of food.

You know- you have a big meal and no matter what time of day it is, your body is busy digesting your food- this means that your blood is being used elsewhere and that’s why you get drowsy and want to nap. This is my understanding, at least. Can one of my medically-minded friends please correct me if I’m wrong?

I needed to see if I was justifying or rationalizing ordering a slice of butter cake for dessert. It’s important that I figure this out, for some reason. Maybe it’s one step closer to being a decent writer? I have such a long way to go.

Justify– To provide an acceptable explanation for.
Rationalize– To justify an immoral act, or illogical behavior.

I learn from these definitions that I’m justifying eating the dessert, if my reason for doing so is acceptable- unless one considers the act of eating dessert on a full stomach either illogical and/or, immoral. This makes me wonder if health is in anyway tied to morality. So I’m still a little confused but am leaning a bit more toward justification, in the case. Or perhaps I’m justifying a rationalization? This just got deep.

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