Scotland 6: Day 14

03.12.18 | Aberdeen Hostel | 21:38

My hostel here in Aberdeen is creepy but beautiful. It’s an older brownstone building, and they have me all the way up on the fourth floor. They call it the third floor, however, because in the U.K., the ground floor is the bottom. So the first floor is the one you come to when you walk up the stairs, etc. Very nicely decorated. The creepy part is the fact that there are paintings with faces on the walls, and that is horrible.

I decided to do a walking tour from the pub (that is on the bottom floor of this place) up to my room. You’ll see why I’m creeped out, just a bit.

Tonight I bought tickets to go to the cinema, and was almost late for the film. This is due to the fact that I actually walked all the way to the wrong theatre. So I had to pretty much do a 25 minute walk in 15 minutes. I did it, barely. Too much Irn Bru in my gullet. I need to start my 2019 diet early, I think. I did miss a trailer or two, however. For me, that’s a big deal because I need to find out what movies are coming out. I pretty much plan my existence around movie time.

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