joey-rory-dvd-1482274298“In March of 2016, we laid Joey to rest in the cemetery behind our farmhouse. Though this isn’t the path that we would’ve chosen to walk down, it is the path that’s been laid before us. So we put our faith in God and our hope in a future that we can’t see. We believe that God will give us a great story.” – Rory Feek

Tonight I watched the movie To Joey, With Love. This is the true story of the last few years of Joey Feek’s life. If you’re not familiar with her, she was half of the country music couple- Joey + Rory. A few years before her passing, Rory, her husband, decided to start recording video that he put on a blog. He said he felt that this was important to do. Little did he know that she would soon be pregnant with their daughter Indiana, and soon thereafter be diagnosed with cervical cancer.

I was so inspired by watching this movie! There was no doubt that I had to add it to my collection. Even with a sad ending, I rejoice when I see people who try their best to put the things of God first in their life. This is something that I need to remember to do in my own life.

Here is one of my favorite Joey + Rory song: Enjoy!

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