I’ve been making backups of my old pictures, and I came across this priceless image. This was about 3 months after becoming a flight attendant back in 2005.  I knew it needed saving (and sharing)!

It reads:


Hey everyone!

I thought I’d do my entry on this barf bag.

I thought I’d do my entry on this barf bag. You see, your barf bag is not only good for barfing in – people love to get messages on them! Nothing says “I love you” like a barf bag message.

So- you can propose to someone by writing “Will you marry me” on the bag and placing the ring inside! Or- you remember the little puppets that you made out of a brown sack in pre-school?

A barf bag is excellent to breathe into if you start to hyper-ventilate [si]. You can craft yourself a little hat… like a birthday hat if you so desire.

My point- barf bags are wonderful!!! And not just for barf!


I once had this brilliant idea: I wanted to have celebrities that I meet on the plane sign the barf bag and then I wanted to take their picture holding the bag. Then I would auction it off for charity. I think I wanted to call it Barf Bags of Love. Classy, huh? I seriously think this could be a great thing, especially if I can get friends and coworkers to help. I may have to revisit this idea in the future.

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