Scotland 5: Day 17

03.17.16 | Pitlochry B&B | 07:31

Today I am feeling as if I’m spoiled rotten. As I explained in the last post, the hostel I stayed in last time I was here in Pitlochry didn’t allow me to book it. On further investigation, I see it may no longer exist. I’m hoping they’ll have some less expensive options here in the future. But this IS a nice bed and breakfast that I’ve settled into. It was so nice this morning when I was woken up by chirping birds and not snoring roommates!



When I was in town earlier, I did manage to find the hidden hostel. I was looking in the wrong place. Still, I don’t think they were available for me to stay there. So many hostels like to rent out their rooms more long-term during the off-season. In Scotland, I’m learning that this time ends at about Easter.

After breakfast, I went for a long and awesome walk! Pitlochry is located very close to Loch Faskally, a beautiful loch that has a hydro-electric dam and fish ladder. It was such a breath of fresh air (literally) to be out there! I took my time and spent what felt like about 3 hours walking through the dam and around the loch.


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