03.19.16 | Aberdeen Hostel | 21:23

Sadly I don’t have any pictures to share with you on this post. This is because I haven’t taken the time to explore as of yet. I did make it on the train safely to Aberdeen, however. My hostel is located a few miles west of the city center so it was quite a walk with my huge pack on my back. I decided to just hang out here for a bit and have declared today a day of rest.

Later this evening, I trekked back into the city (without the huge backpack) and went to see the movie 10 Cloverfield Road. The plot of this movie was a million percent different than I thought it would be. For once, the previews gave away very little. I’m not complaining, though. I feel like trailers give away way too much as it is. For this one, even though the acting was spot-on, I recommend waiting for it to get to Redbox. Probably not worth the cinema price.

I walked around Aberdeen for a little while (of course I forgot my phone and camera, so you get no pictures) and ended up going to a club. I just needed to hear some loud music for some reason. It’s been too long since I have danced around with half-drunk people. No, I’m not falling to “the dark side”, well no deeper than I’ve already fallen without your knowledge, at least. Scotland is the perfect place for me to show off my dance moves- because they’re rather embarrassing and there’s not a chance I’ll ever see these people again. This will give them time to heal from the sight of my bum shaking.

Dinner last night was a healthy and delicious shake from the cinema. Oh- the shakes are not thick at all! Horrible, I tell you! I need to teach these people a thing or two. It’s like drinking flavored milk.

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