I Have Noticed A Trend

The Twitter travel community is going crazy with this, especially over the last two days. You write an alphabetical list of all the countries you’ve visited. My list pales compared to many, mostly because I keep going to Scotland repeatedly. Even though this will keep happening, it may be time to add a new goal to my bucket list.

As of this moment:

A- Australia

B- ❌

C- Canada, Costa Rica

D- Denmark

E- ❌

F- France

G- Germany

H- ❌

I- Ireland

J- ❌

K- ❌

L- ❌

M- Mexico,

N- ❌

O- ❌

P- Peru

Q- ❌

R- ❌

S- ❌

T- ❌

U- United Kingdom, United States

V- ❌

W- ❌

Y- ❌

Z- ❌

As you can see, I have my work cut out for me. If it’s any consolation, I will have at least two more letters of the alphabet before the end of this year. Baby steps!

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