Ireland 2: Day 15

04.24.18 | Sligo Hostel | 21:15

Last night’s sleep was absolutely horrible! They gave me a private room in the front of the hostel, and the street lights glare right in the window. Even with the curtains closed, the room was still extremely bright. It was annoying, and I stayed awake until about 03:00! I tried everything! I wanted to hurt someone!

Once I was up (about 07:00), I went downstairs and got some breakfast (provided by the hostel) and then set out to find a Boots pharmacy. This is a change all over the U.K. and Ireland. I found an eye mask to wear to bed tonight. I’ve never tried to wear one, so I’m hoping it doesn’t keep me up. I’ve gotten used to ear plugs, and I’ve heard many people say that they weren’t used to those, so that keeps them up at night. So hopefully I can adjust fast, if the mask keeps me up.

Before I made it back to the hostel, I went to see Sligo Abbey. This is actually a Friary that they started to build in the year 1251. It took centuries to build, because they kept adding to it. I got some great pictures, as well as a Periscope video. I wish I could go back in time and see what it was like to live then.

The walk to the abbey:

…and then pictures of the abbey:

Click here to view my live stream on Periscope.

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