Scotland 6: Day 29

03.27.18 | Fort William Hostel | 23:51

The good news: The sleep I got yesterday was just what I needed! My feet and legs are feeling back to 100%, as I’d hoped they would. The bad news: It is raining today. I’m not about to go hiking up the side of a muddy mountain, especially not in the shoes I brought with me. Today might be all about reading and movie watching.

I did walk into town earlier to find some breakfast, and the rain was just starting as I’d arrived back to the hostel. I went back to The Crofter and ordered some french toast with eggs and bacon. They didn’t have syrup though. I’m pretty sure that syrup is not just an American thing.

On the opposite couch, a girl with a sexy Australian accent is eating very loudly. I’m pretty sure they teach manners down-under, in fact I know they do. I am, for the most part, a happy guy and there’s not a lot that gets under my skin. This, however, is one of my few pet peeves. Put the food in your mouth, close your mouth, chew said food silently, swallow the food, do not open your mouth again until it is totally empty. It also doesn’t help that she’s eating a salad- salad is extra loud.

The highlight of my day was being able to eat, once again, at Crannog Restaurant. This is a restaurant that I “discovered” two years ago. The main attraction for me was the cullen skink, which is a soup, much like a chowder. The main difference is that they use smoked haddock instead of clams. Thank goodness they still had it on the menu (come to find out, this restaurant has been around now for 25 years)! My main course was some kind of venison plate. I’ve noticed that a lot more restaurants serve venison in Scotland. I’ve had it plenty of times back home, but it’s not often found in very many restaurants- I wonder why that is.

Cullen Skink

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