Scotland 6: Day 28

03.26.18 | The Crofter, Fort William, Scotland | 11:17

The bus ride from Portree to Fort William was so beautiful, but if I could have dozed off, I would have. I didn’t fall asleep until after about 23:00 last night and didn’t sleep the best. A deep, recurring dream kept me from falling too deep if that’s a thing that happens. All I know is that when my 06:30 alarm went off to get ready, I wished I could just stay in bed.

My foot still hurts a bit from the 14-mile walk that I went on yesterday. It doesn’t help when you’re carrying a large pack, either. Still, I was outside waiting for the bus early, since I really wanted to get the front seat again. I brought chocolate in the event that a cute little mountain goat tries to board the bus again. I hope chocolate doesn’t make goats sick (or kill them) as it does with dogs.

My bus arrived in Fort William at about 10:30, and I made my way up the hill to the hostel. This is the same place I stayed two years ago, an old and quirky hostel. I loved it so much that I decided to stay there again.

When I walked in, I knew they were going to tell me that it was too early for me to check in, but the guy told me I couldn’t check in until 17:00! I told him that wasn’t the case when I came here two years ago but didn’t want to sound like I was having an argument. I just said, “Really?!” So much for my desire to take a nap after checking in. I’ll just sleep really well tonight.

I walked into town to find a place with free internet, and to get an early lunch. Unfortunately, they don’t serve the lunch menu until the afternoon, so I’m going to chill for a little bit. Later there will be walking and picture taking. I saw two graveyards already, and I’d like to check them out.

Fort William Hostel | 21:13

Lunch ended up being a really good burger that had a barbecue and pulled pork. I remember eating at The Crofter a few years back and remember that the food was good back then, as well. I decided that this called for dessert as well (like I need to make up excuses for eating desserts).

After sitting for a bit, my leg started hurting again. I hope that I didn’t do any damage from my walk yesterday. I decided that I would postpone the hike I’d planned. It’s too cold for a major hike, but there’s an old cow trail, up behind the hostel here that I remember exploring the last time I was here.

Dinner was at an Indian/Thai restaurant. I went in with a sense of adventure, hoping to order something that I had never tried before. I tend to order the same things, once I find something that I like- because that’s usually the whole reason I’m back at a restaurant in the first place. I may be craving that particular dish. This was a new dish, and even though it was good, it wasn’t as good as my go-to. Life is about variety, I guess.

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