Today I’m extremely thankful for Apple Music.

I have discovered so much incredible music- and if we’ve ever met, you know that my life pretty much revolves around music. People tell me that there’s more music on Spotify, but I choose Apple Music because I’m an Apple guy. I always have an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook Pro with me, and when I’m at home, I have my iMac and my Apple TV. I do use Spotify on occasion, but not enough that it warrants paying another subscription fee. I subscribed a couple years ago, and it’s been well worth the $10 per month that it costs.

This morning I am listening to Christmas music. Before you chime in about it being too early for Christmas music, please note that we’re past October 1st, and so I’m allowed! This has been my rule for years now. October 1st through January 31st is the window that I’ve given myself. Outside that window of time, I’ll skip over a Christmas song that comes up in the music shuffle- I would listen to it year-round, but I don’t want to ever become one of those people who takes Christmas music for granted.

Speaking of Christmas- bucket list item number 112 is to spend Christmas in Scotland- we all saw this one coming. Perhaps one year, I can fulfill bucket list item number 50 simultaneously to celebrate Hogmanay in Edinburgh.

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