I’m sitting in Coaches, which is the bar/restaurant off of the lobby of the Holiday Inn in Chicago.

Since I brought my iPad with me, I’m confident that I’m sending off a creepy vibe. You know those guys who go to a Starbucks and type on their laptop? They scan the room, hoping you’ll ask them what they’re working on so they can tell you all about their superb screenplay. The real reason they’re there is that the WiFi is free and they can’t afford an internet connection at home. That’s me, other than the fact that I have the internet at home… and this isn’t a screenplay. Or is it?

Yesterday, I was supposed to work Washington D.C. – Omaha – Chicago – Hartford, but we were so delayed that they had us end our day here in Chicago. The good news is that we won’t be able to catch up with the rest of our original trip, so today’s assignment is to deadhead one leg back to Denver. This means that I’m going to get paid to do nothing. Isn’t that the American dream?

The lady just brought me biscuits and gravy. Although delicious, they don’t even stack up to what my mom could do, or my grandma Bess did when she was still on this earth. Still, these are pretty great.

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