I decided that I’m going to actually use my health benefits this year. I overheard a conversation on the plane the other day. One girl was telling her friend next to her that “2017 is going to be all about me!”. That’s my thought as well, only I don’t want to sound as conceited as she did. So instead this is the year where I’m going to start to use the benefits that I’ve been paying for. This started yesterday with a visit to the dentist.

photo-on-2-18-17-at-10-10-amWhen I called to set up my appointment, I realized that I hadn’t been to a dentist in about 14 years. I remember I was still living in Logan, Utah because a former bishop of mine happened to be my dentist. He managed to do a crown or a bridge (I don’t even know the difference) out of porcelain. Yes, that particular tooth is made out of toilet seat.

Yesterday was my check-up and cleaning. Sadly, the years (and lack-of-flossing) have taken their toll on these pearly-whites. My new dentist, whom I was referred to by my coworker Matthew, was able to find 9 cavities! This is by far a personal record, and while I don’t wish to brag, I don’t think that’s as bad as it could have been. A lesson has been learned. I’m going to start flossing daily.

I shared this on facebook, and I LOVE the conversation that ensued: Here is the screenshots-



Don’t I have the most awesome friends?!

Along the same lines, this is (probably) the year where I will get to experience a colonoscopy. Doctors usually advise men to start having this done at the age of 50, but since my dad had prostate cancer (which he beat), my brother Matt and I are at an even at a higher risk than the average male. Have you had a colonoscopy? Could you please describe your experience in the comment section below?

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