Scotland 8: Day 22

3.23.20 | Glasgow, Scotland | 20:53

Today was a bittersweet feeling. Sweet because it’s always nice to be in this country that I love so much. Bitter that today is my last full day in Scotland. Also, I’m having to cut my trip short. As I mentioned in an earlier post, this was only the second phase of my three phases of vacation. The first was the week I spent with my family in Hawaii, and the third was supposed to be a trip through Europe.

My original plan was to fly south. The route was all mapped out (you know how I love to plan!). After four days in Paris, it was going to be Switzerland, spending a few days in Geneva, Zermatt (the Matterhorn!!!!), and then Lucerne. From there, it was up to Germany: Heidelberg, Fussen (Neuschwanstein Castle!!!), and the Munich. Then I was heading down to Austria: Salzburg and Vienna. Finally, the last part of this trip was set to be six days in Prague, Czech Republic.

Can you see why I’m a little bit heartbroken? I’m honestly not afraid of the coronavirus. But the problem is that every business that is not essential for survival is closed down until who-knows-when. The good news is that almost all of my Airbnbs’ and hostels’ that I had booked have given me a full refund. And the two who didn’t offer me a refund, won’t get my business when this trip happens.

Several more bucket list items would have been checked off, but these dreams will have to be realized at a future date.

I’m choosing instead to focus on the blessings that I do recognize right now. For instance, you know I l love Scotland! Half my heart is here- I plan on leaving it here, too. That way, I will always have an excuse to plan my another visit.

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