Scotland 8: Day 14

03.15.20 | Glasgow, Scotland |

When I woke this morning, I had a message from my friend James. He informed me that they had added the U.K. to the banned travel countries, and he asked me how I planned on getting back home. Upon further research, I discovered that they will still allow US citizens to come back home, even during the ban.

With all the virus doom and gloom, I’m just going to hope for the best. But I’m still going to do my best to enjoy my time while I’m here. It always feels great to travel!

When I’m out and about in the morning, I love to smile and tell random strangers, “Good Morning!” Nobody is ever expecting it, and most people respond in kind. Nobody expects it either. It’s brilliant!

I decided to take a day-trip up to Balloch, which is the closest station to Loch Lomond, and nature is probably one of my most intimate connections to God that I have felt. Add a spiritual thought or music to the mix, and that is something that I need!

When we boarded the boat, they made us all use hand sanitizer. I wasn’t planning on touching anyone, but now I just may have to, since we’re all “safe” from the virus.

My time on the boat was terrific. My only complaint is how loud the passengers onboard were. They were pretty rude and inconsiderate, too.

I did get some good video of the beautiful Loch. I have put it together for you and dubbed in Peter Hollens’ version of Loch Lomond. Enjoy!

The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond

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