Hawaii 2020: The Conclusion

<02.29.20 | Home | 12:35>

I’m sorry that I didn’t write yesterday. By the time I landed in Salt Lake City, my body had been up for just about 26 hours. I had to stop at one of the airport stores and buy some caffeine so that I could make the drive home safely. Thank goodness the plan worked. I recall driving home last year after being up for almost 48 hours after my flights home from Scotland. I got pulled over doing 75 in a 35. I explained the situation to the officer, and he understood. He let me go with a warning.

When I got to the house, I fell asleep for about four hours. Later on, I slept again- another 6 hours or so. I was awake from 01:00 until about 05:00, then fell back asleep for another and a half. As of now, I would say that I’ve had plenty of rest at this point!

I need to say- I have a fantastic family! I feel like this vacation has brought us closer together. It’s not that we were necessarily far apart, either. It’s just that we all have our own lives and thing going on- I’m sure it won’t be long before I see them again, but this was time and togetherness that I guess I needed. We chose this location because of my mom’s life-long dream to go to Hawaii. I feel like this was a perfect choice!

I can now check another state off my list: 47 down- 3 to go. I’m sure I’ll find an excuse to go to either Alaska, North Dakota, or Maine soon enough. I can’t wait to blog about visiting those last three. I just need to get there.

This morning, I have been unpacking my bags and washing clothes, just so that I can take other clothes and put them into a backpack. Do you recall that at the beginning of Hawaii, I told you that it was just ‘Phase 1’ of my vacation? I’m excited to say that after being home for only a day an a half, ‘Phase 2’ will begin tomorrow. Come back and check the blog tomorrow!

Speaking of Scotland…

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