Scotland 7: Day 39

04.09.19 | Horley, England |18:55

When I booked my return flight to the states, I thought I’d found a great way to save money! Instead of flying from Edinburgh to Salt Lake City, I found a great deal from London Gatwick all the way to Seattle. From there, I’ll just fly non-revenue to get home. Cheap flight, yes. The only things I forgot to factor in were the flight from Edinburgh to London (not too expensive), and the overnight stay in London (a bit more expensive).

Alas, here I am, sitting on my bed at the Masslink Guest House in Horley, England [map], which is probably about 45 minutes south of London. I was hoping to have more of a “London” experience, but I don’t want to board a bus and two trains to get there. Sadly, there was no afternoon tea with the Royals. Instead, I found a local Wetherspoon (I’ve eaten at this chain restaurant more times than I can count in the last month-and-a-half) and ordered some chicken and ribs.

I am so sad that my time here is almost over! I have had such a wonderful experience- Scotland is an amazing country, filled with amazing people! I feel incredibly blessed to be in a situation where I can make these trips. As always, it just lights the fire for more!

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