Scotland 7: Day 19

03.20.19 | Glasgow, Scotland |21:25

After this morning’s breakfast, I should probably eat only celery sticks for the rest of my journey. I promise I don’t always eat like a pig- but this is a vacation, after all. I had to stop at Oban Chocolate Company one last time for breakfast. Plus- ice cream for breakfast! When my server brought it out, she told me that it was a good choice because the mango made it healthy.

The train ride from Oban to Glasgow was rather nice. I was supposed to get off the train part way and transfer to another one, but one of the workers told me that was a misprint on my ticket and this train would take me all the way.

I’m staying in the most awesome flat, a little farther west than I’m familiar with. I usually have stayed in the Euro Hostel here, but I’m well under my budget and so I thought I’d splurge a tiny bit.

I created this little video of a few clips from the train ride, as well as a tour of my Airbnb here in Glasgow. I hope you enjoy!

032919 Oban to Glasgow, Airbnb

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