Ireland 2: Day 6

04.15.18 | Cork, Ireland | 17:44

Even though I could hear the rain coming down all night long (I sleep light in hostels when strangers are sharing a room with me), I decided to go to church. The wind really made the walk miserable, and I had to keep my umbrella at a 90-degree angle just to keep the rain from pelting me. I made it through the first half, but then I just wasn’t having it. My mind was everywhere, and I was restless. I was having the most challenging time sitting still. So finally, I gave up.

There was no way I would walk all the way back to the hostel, so I cheated and called a taxi. The taxi service here has an app, much like using Lyft or Uber back in the states. You set up your pick-up and drop-off locations, and you can even pay through the app itself. It’s convenient, and this will give Uber a run for its money if it ever makes it down to Cork. Plus, I like not having to carry tons of cash with me.

When I got back to the hostile, I kept walking to find a late lunch. After eating some barbecue, I came and took about a three-hour nap. I am now contemplating dinner. It’s not that I’m even close to hungry yet, but I know I will be later. No use buying groceries since I’m headed to my next location tomorrow.

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