Scotland 6: Day 19

03.17.18 | Kirkwall Hotel | 21:57

Kirkwall is an amazing little city! The only problem since I’m dealing with “The Beast from the East”, I find myself looking for any excuse to duck inside and get out of the cold. I even pretend to be shopping so I can be out of the wind for a few minutes. Nevertheless, it was great to get outside and wander for a bit.

I came to St. Magnus, which is a huge cathedral. It was amazing to walk around an through. I found out that they are having a music rehearsal this afternoon for a concert that is happening tomorrow. I don’t know if I’ll be able to attend tomorrow or not, but the lady setting up chairs told me that I was welcome to attend the rehearsal. If I am able, I’ll make sure to shoot some video, if it’s appropriate, that is.

The inside of the cathedral is wonderful! I’m all about stained glass! I just wish I could have sat down at the piano and sang. I didn’t try, but for some reason people get in their head that cathedrals like this should remain quiet, like a library. Yes, there’s a time for worship- but there is also a time to shout praises! Let’s not forget!

Right across the street, there is the remains of two Mideival palaces. One belonged to the Earl, and the other belonged to the Bishop. Back in those days, the Bishop was a very powerful man. They wanted him to live in very rich surroundings to match his status. Also he would use his palace to entertain royalty on occasion.

After some more walking around, I found a place to grab a hot chocolate. Are you seeing a theme yet? This is the unofficial Hot Chocolate tour of 2018. Thank goodness I’m walking so much that I’m able to work of some of the fat!

Next, I walked back to the cathedral where they were having a practice for a concert that was going to happen the next day. Since I wasn’t going to be there for the concert, I asked the ladies if I could listen to their practice. They allowed me to sit in the back of the building, and the music was so incredibly beautiful!

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