Scotland 6: Day 8

03.06.18 | Dumfries, Scotland | 22:08

This morning started like most mornings in Scotland: Me, walking through the rain, hunting for breakfast, hoping the sun decides to come out. I followed my G.P.S. to a restaurant that served “Famous Scottish Pancakes.” Upon further inspection- Scottish pancakes taste exactly like the ones we have in America. Still, they were delicious! I chose the “Banoffee Stack”- their tribute to famous banoffee pie, which got its start in Great Brittain. I know you’re curious, so click here:

I decided to call today’s exploration theme “Robert Burns.” He is one of the most famous Scottish writers, and in many parts of this country, he still holds his rockstar status. This is funny because people didn’t really start to love and appreciate him until after being dead and buried. Burns spent the last nine years of his life in Dumfries, and it was cool to tour his home and stand in the room in which he died.

I walked down the street to the churchyard where his body was buried. Fun story- years after his death, they decided that they needed to honor this hometown poet, and they built a giant mausoleum, dug up his remains, and re-buried them at the new location. I read that the original plan was to carry the whole oak casket to the new spot, but it sort of fell apart, as did most of the body. When his wife finally passed away, she was buried with him in the same mausoleum.

While I explored the graveyard, I was approached by a cat who let me pet him/her for a while. This is not the first time an animal has come to me in a graveyard. Evidence of reincarnation? You decide.

I walked along the river until I saw a little coffee shop. I stopped in for another hot chocolate. At least I’m not binge-drinking alcohol. Dinner was a delicious burger!

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