After a mostly enjoyable and relaxing two weeks off, it’s time to return to work. I noticed that my bank account needs more deposits and less withdrawals- that’s the idea anyway. As good as it is to be in the air again (I do miss it when I have this much time off) the horrible part is that I’m working a p.m. shift. This is not where I want to be in the evenings when passengers drink more alcohol, flights are more likely to be delayed, and just the fact that that I would rather not be on a plane when I could be hunting for a new restaurant somewhere.

I traded my original a.m. trip for this one because it pays a lot more. The more time I’m in the sky, the more money I make. So on behalf of myself, and my mortgage company, I thank you for choosing Southwest Airlines. The fact that this trade meant one more night in my own bed was a good reason to trade, as well.

So far I’ve worked two legs and I don’t want to kill anyone. This is a pleasant surprise! I guess my dread wasn’t warranted after all  That could change since we’re on our way to Los Angeles. I lucked out- plus, I’m working with a great crew!


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