Scotland 5: Day 57

04.26.16 | Copenhagen, Den | 07:45

An awesome thing about flying around within the European Union is that even though this was an international flight, there was absolutely no waiting to get through immigration once I was off of the plane in Copenhagen. No paperwork to fill out. Even though the agent could see from my passport I was from the U.S., there wasn’t even a question of how long I’d be here or an address of where I’d be staying. I’m grateful for this since I hadn’t asked Jacques’ address. It was a wonderful relief!

When I came out of security, it was so good to see and Jacques! As we walked, we figured that it had been 16 years (give or take) since we’d last seen each other. We walked over to an airport hotel lobby/bar where his wife, Esther was waiting. She had ordered some food which was perfect. I was a little bit hungry.

Jacques wife Esther is a real sweetie! This is understandable because she’s originally from Arizona. She and Jacques were set up by friends whom they had in common. What started out as a Skype conversation, quickly turned into and invitation by Jacques for her to come for a visit to Denmark. It wasn’t too long before they’d both found what they were looking for.


On the train, heading to Jacques and Esther’s Home

Copenhagen > New York City | 22:14 (Copenhagen Time)

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to blame El Nino or Al Gore’s global warming, but today was crazy cold in Copenhagen. It felt like winter isn’t leaving anytime soon. As Jacques and I left his apartment this morning, the wind and rain hit our faces strong. Jacques had a hood, but I only had my jacket. I learned today that the jacket I’d bought right before this trip started, although warm, was in no way waterproof. Rather, the tag reads the term “water resistant”, whatever that means.

We walked through the old military housing where Jacques once lived. Number 29 was his old residence, before buying the place where he and Esther now live. We peered through the windows into the empty apartment so I could see just how small the rooms were in his old place. They were indeed small. I guess it’s probably better to use the word “cozy”.


IMG_1173 (1)

Jacques standing in front of his former residence.

The next stop was a cafe’. Jacques seemed to know the chef well and we ordered some brownies and hot chocolates. As we walked away, the rain had turned into sleet and then snow, and the wind had picked up, causing our heads to ache. By mistake, Jacques bumped into a parked bicycle on the sidewalk, causing him to drop his hot chocolate all over the sidewalk. I held on to mine tight. This drink was the only thing I had to help ease the constant ice cream headache that I was feeling.

IMG_1174 (1)

We managed to catch the end of the changing of the guard at the royal palace. Jacques told me about a time when he happened to see the newly-married royal prince out riding a bicycle with his wife, the princess. He said it was an odd encounter because he had just purchased two hot dogs and was gripping one in each hand. He didn’t want to salute His Royal Highness in the public setting, alerting other passersby of who that was on the bike, but did want to acknowledge him. He addressed the couple as he should have, but with a mouthful of hotdog. They smiled as the continued on their outing.

We took refuge from the cold by entering a huge church called Frederiks Kirke, which is Protestant Lutheran. It was incredibly ornate! So much beautiful detail! I took a few pictures, not wanting to distract those who were there to worship.

IMG_1176IMG_1177 (1)IMG_1178 (1)IMG_1179 (1)IMG_1180 (1)IMG_1181IMG_1182IMG_1183

We next walked The Church of Our Lady, which is also Protestant Lutheran. This church houses the original Christus statue. If you’ve ever been to the visitor’s center at either the Salt Lake City temple, or the Mesa temple, you have seen replicas of this Christus statue. This is the original one.


Along the sides of the pews stand the statutes of eleven of the twelve original apostles. Each one so incredibly detailed. If not for the white color of the stone, I’d swear that they were really standing there! The sculptor opted to not include Judas, the twelfth apostle, who’d betrayed Jesus. I don’t have the words to appropriately share what I felt.

IMG_1186IMG_1187IMG_1188IMG_1189IMG_1190IMG_1191IMG_1192IMG_1193 (1)IMG_1194 (2)IMG_1195 (1)IMG_1196IMG_1197IMG_1198

While we were there, I got to meet Jacques friend Michael. Michael is on the Copenhagen Police Force and was once mentored by Jacques in some sort of training operation. I’m not sure the whole situation, but since then they’d become good friends. Michael is stinking hilarious and seems like a top notch fellow! We had a great visit and a delicious lunch and dessert together. We were only together for under and hour-and-a-half, but I think I’m going to miss this new friend, who offered me a position with the police force. I’m not even joking.

IMG_1204 (1)IMG_1204IMG_1205IMG_1206IMG_1207 (1)IMG_1208IMG_1209

After a quick stop off at a rug store, Michael dropped us off back at Jacques house. It was great to go back inside, leaving the cold. We’d planned to go see that famous mermaid sculpture that Copenhagen is known for, but I felt like I was running short on time before I had to get back to the airport to check in for my flight back to the states.

I’m incredibly thankful that I was able to spend last night and today with Jacques. He is truly an amazing friend and even though we were friends when we attended Utah State University, all those years ago, I’d never gotten one-on-one time with him. I didn’t really know him very close like I do now. A friend for years, but became a very close pal during this visit. I will miss him, but we both promised to keep in touch, a lot better than we have over the last sixteen years or so.


Now let’s talk about the flight I’m on. When I boarded the plane, I felt guilty for not having chocolate to give the flight crew. That has become my thing that I do, but I totally spaced it. I did introduce myself to the crew and said what I always say: Hi! I am a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines and I’m seating in seat ____. If you need anything, just let me know.

Just before they were ready to close the doors, one of them came to the back and asked me to grab my stuff and follow him. I asked if everything was ok. He said it was, but I’d need to bring my stuff. I did as I was told. This awesome crew upgraded me to first class! Maybe it’s the fact that they know I work in the industry. Maybe it’s the fact that they know how much I love to talk. So each and everyone who reads this needs to book a flight on Norwegian Air. Even if I hadn’t been upgraded, they were still a super nice crew!

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