Scotland 5: Day 35

04.04.16 | Edinburgh Hostel | 10:16

I left the hostel this morning to search out a better spot to get wifi and I ended up getting breakfast at a Turkish cafe. While there, I downloaded the rest of the General Conference talks and set out to walk up Arthur’s Seat a third time. As I crossed Holyrood Park, the wind and the rain was hitting my face. A thought came to mind: There is no way I’m going to walk up this mountain right now. I salute the blessed and dedicated skinny people who got to where they are (weight-wise) by ascending to the top on days like this.

Instead, I have come back to the warmth of the hostel to charge my phone and start to pack my bag since I leave for my next destination tomorrow. Oh- how I love this city, even in the rain and the wind and the cold. I can’t wait to come back (and I will be back before I fly back to the states).

The guy in the bunk next to me is still in bed, he’s awake now but playing whatever on his computer. Maybe he’s the one who is stealing all of the bandwidth. Jerk face.


Earlier I went to see the movie Ran (trailer). This movie was originally filmed in 1985 and they really do not make films like this anymore! This was at a cinema on the west side of Edinburgh that shows more of the art films, and films that do well at the film festivals. By the way, the other day I also saw a movie there called Marguerite, that is about this privileged French woman who loves to sing… we’ll just leave it at that… good flick, though!

Now I’m sitting in bed, hoping that I fall asleep soon. The hot shower I took seems to be doing its important work. I’m pretty wiped out. I have an early train to my next destination, tomorrow morning. And you know how this works- I’d hate to give away the surprise.

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