Scotland 5: Day 29

03.29.16 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 15:50

It’s great to be back to my favorite city in the world (well, my favorite so far- there are many places I’ve yet to travel)! I love this place! It’s been too long! You know I prefer the country over the city, but still, I love this one! On the train over, I happened to sit by three high school students: Aydan, his sister Aila and a girl traveling by herself named Maricel. They were a blast! We all drank Irn Bru together, like best friends or something. Aydan and Aila were continuing their journey and live in Essex, England. Marcel was from somewhere in the Edinburgh area.


On my way to the hostel, I was coming down a steep hill, and since my pack is so heavy, I misstepped and fell on the sidewalk in front of plenty of people. I rarely get embarrassed, because I try to cover up whatever happened with a joke. I stood up, brushed myself off but couldn’t think of anything witty to say. So I just laughed at myself. Several people approached me and asked if I was ok. I smiled and told them all was fine.

Once I settled in, I hadn’t had lunch yet, so I headed directly to Monster Mash to get some bangers and mash (sausages and mashed potatoes). This is a favorite comfort food of mine. When I got to the location, I couldn’t see the restaurant… did they go out of business? But they were so good! I was disappointed.

I decided to go into the restaurant that was in its place called Mum’s Comfort Food. Once inside, I recognized it right away. I asked one of the servers if this used to be another place. She said it was indeed Monster Mash before- same owner, same recipes, just change of name. The day was saved!

I wanted to do something, but my leg was starting to bother me a bit, from that nasty fall I’d had earlier. I went to the cinema and saw a matinee. The only thing playing at the time was Zootropolis. Ok I know it’s a kid show, but I really enjoyed it! Stop judging!



Walking back tonight, I decided to take a picture of the skyline. That is Edinburgh Castle on the right, plus the top of the Royal Mile to the left. I’ll take some better pictures soon, I promise.

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