This will be the entry where I issue the needed apology. I went back and reread my entry from yesterday and realized that’s not where I wanted the story to go. You know how some people should never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach? Well, I think I just proved that I should probably never blog after working a long-haul out of Los Angeles. Lesson learned. My goal with this is blog after all, is to uplift and hopefully inspire others, not tear others down- not even those from southern California.

I know of a flight attendant blog that is very pessimistic in nature. The guy loves to write about all the things that passengers are doing and saying in such a negative light. He shares the things he wished he would have said to the passenger in different situations. Usually, his comments are rude, demeaning and very cutting. He brings himself across as very egotistical and tries to lift himself only. Needless to say, I stopped reading his page years ago.

As the passengers were deplaning at the end of our flight this morning, I was actually quite touched by the nice things they had to say. My crew was particularly fun and enthusiastic, which makes every bit of difference. Many of our passengers commented that they thought I was funny, that we were great, and many of them complimented us on how we handled one passenger’s situation or another. It made me really happy!

This may not be the best job in the world, but I feel like it’s one of the best jobs for me. I happen to be with a company that often recognizes those who rise above. Even though it is the aviation industry, I do feel like I’m in a safe and secure workplace. I’m going to try my best, from here-on-out to focus on the good. Sure, I’ll share the upsets too, but I hope I can share these experiences in a better light. I hope I learn from my mistakes.

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