Thanks to winter storm Kayla, I’ll be spending the next two days hanging out in Thornton. Nothing against Thornton- I have a great crashpad here and some great roommates, but I was so looking forward to two nights in my own bed. As you probably know, I’ve been working a lot lately for my upcoming vacation and that means that even two nights in my own bed is a blessing! Oh well. Tonight there will be food, a movie, talking a roommate into making a snow angel and hopefully, some hot tub marinating.

I’m reminded of another snow storm here in Thornton, back in April 0f 2013. Jeff has this trike thingy (I’m not sure what it’s for) and for some reason, he decided that it would be fun to be dragged around the snowy neighborhood streets. Thought I’d upload that video. I managed to cut it down to just over 3 minutes. Here you go:

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