I just finished a great meal with coworkers, Tony and Brooke. We had a late lunch/ early dinner at Chef Ron’s Gumbo Stop in Metairie, Louisiana. For the past two days, I have been talking up this restaurant up to them, since both of them are fairly new to this flight attendant gig. Neither of them had had an MSY overnight yet. They loved it! It totally lived up to the hype I’d created! I had the stuffed
I had the stuffed mumbo gumbo, which is a seafood gumbo with chicken, and a fried catfish! As always, it was stinking amazing! I also was forced (by myself) to get some jambalaya to go. That will serve as my pre-sleep snack. Tony told me that when he was being interviewed to become a flight attendant, he was asked what his main reason for wanting to be a flight attendant was. He responded, “The Food!” I think I’d have to agree with that!

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