When I lived in Logan, Utah, before my flight attendant career was underway, I got to know “Mom and Dad Johnson”. They are the parents of my good friend and former roommate, Joel Johnson. Joel, who seems to have fallen off the face of the earth, was one of the original members of the vocal group Voice Male and while we were roommates, we decided that we needed to get our own A Capella group going. After throwing around a few names, we came up with the group name “2by4″, since the group consisted of two girls and four boys.

Practices were often in the Johnson home, and this meant that Mom and Dad Johnson were forced to listen to endless hours of our singing. Over time, I really came to love Joel’s parents. There were times when they acted as if they actually were my parents and they even gave me some valuable help and advice that I sorely needed. My real parents were still living in southeastern Arizona at the time, so it was great to have this extra set to get advice from, on occasion.

This morning, during boarding of my work flight from Salt Lake City to Denver, I was welcoming passengers in the forward part of the aircraft and all of a sudden I heard a familiar voice call out, “Finally!!! After ten years of waiting- I finally have you as my flight attendant!” I was very surprised and extremely excited to see Mom Johnson boarding my flight! I can’t even explain how amazing this woman is, and how great it was to see her and hug her!


I wish we would have had more time to talk and catch up, but I had work to do. When we finished up in Denver, I had my ride waiting for me, and I believe she had another plane to catch. Still, It was amazing to visit with her, even if only for a few minutes. I hope I can visit Cache Valley sometime soon and have a proper visit with the Johnsons’.

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