Today I worked my very first international leg.


The First “Cancunian” I’ve ever met!

My flight was from Denver to Cancun and then back up to Austin. I just wish that we could have spent the entire night in Cancun, but we were only there on the ground for just under an hour. It’s so exciting that the company is adding all these new international destinations (Destinations Map:! I asked one of our operations agents if I could have a picture with her. I told her this was because she was the first “Cancunian” I’d ever met. She laughed and smiled for the picture.

Tonight I’m in my hotel room in Austin, Texas. I’m pretty hungry but too tired to go down to the bar to get some food. Instead, I’m going to drink a protein shake, have some chamomile tea and call it a night. I’m pretty sure that my 0500 local alarm tomorrow is going to sting a little bit.

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