Australia 2014: Part 5

<Sydney, New South Wales|16:09>

Sydney has been a blast! Yes, I do miss Arron and Brendan. I wish they were here. How dare they continue to live their lives without me! Arron dropped me off at the airport early enough that they were able to put me on an earlier flight. I didn’t know they’d do this free of charge- one point for Virgin Australia! This was my first experience flying with them. I’ll be sticking with them for the rest of my domestic flights, while I’m here.

Sydney seems to be a lot more spread out than Brisbane was. It seems to have more foreigners than locals- at least downtown. This didn’t seem like the case in Brisbane, however. I’ve met some nice locals outside of downtown however. I spent my first afternoon here just getting familiar with the city. If I had a dollar for every Thai restaurant in this city- I could die a very wealthy man. There are so many! I’ve eaten at a few and I think I’m over Thai… at least I am over it until I get hungry again. That curry seems to just drag me in. 

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to see the Sydney opera house- in fact, the only thing that would be better than seeing it would be to sing in it… one dream at a time. I’ll focus on the easy goals first. On my second day here, I grabbed a street map from the front desk and they pointed out where there was a great place to see it and take some pictures.

After dark, I went to a pub to sing karaoke but there weren’t very many good songs to choose from. Still, it was fun to watch people pretend to be singers. Nothing is better than karaoke!

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