Scotland 4: Day 20

4.16.11 | Kirkwall Hostel | 16:00

I woke up this morning with a blister on my left heal. This is what happens when I lug my heavy backpack all around unknown parts at night. So far, I’ve met one of my roommates. I didn’t get his name, but he has a lumberjack beard and is living at the hostel full-time because he’s come to Orkney for work. He wants to learn how to make Whiskey and take that back to his home in Australia. Everyone needs to chase goals and dreams, I guess. He seems nice enough. The other four beds in the room had sleepers in them last night, but they were all gone by the morning. Next part of their holiday, no doubt.

I just met a guy named Xu. He is from China but currently studying in Glasgow. He has brought his roommates (one is from Germany and the other from India) up for the weekend.

Here’s some advice. If you come visit Orkney, pick better days than I did. Not only am I here during the off-season, but I’m here on a weekend. It’s amazing to me how many businesses here are closed on weekends. Sunday, I get but why would you have to close on Saturday or even Friday? Didn’t they know I was coming?

I ventured down to the local tourist information spot (nearly soaked in the morning rain on my way there) to find out what day tours they had here. Nobody was there, but they left the place unlocked. They didn’t really have a whole lot of information out there- I did get a bus schedule, but I’m not really sure it will help me until Monday. I may just stay in tonight- my nasty cough has come back and I know it’s keeping my roommates up at night. So far, Tesco’s generic brand cough syrup isn’t kicking it. Maybe it will be good to stay out of the elements for the evening? Perhaps I should start drinking hard liquor. hmmm decisions, decisions.

I grabbed a quick lunch at a place called “Buster’s” but ordered too much- so yay for having taken care of dinner already! On the menu? The second half of my Kabob meat (lamb?), garlic butter and extra cheese pizza. It’s so good.



I got a facebook message from Soeren and he said he’s not going to be online but I can call his mobile phone to get ahold of him. He doesn’t want to pay for Internet access at his hostile and I don’t want to pay international roaming and fees on my own mobile phone. I’d love to see him and travel with him here in Orkney, but need to get ahold of him online first.

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